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Friday Baseball Blogging: The Team I Hated to Hate

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Here's my all-time I-Hated-Having-to-Hate-Them-When-They-Were-Dodgers team.

What, you say Juan Marichal finished up his career in Los Angeles? Never happened. Also, this never happened.

I tried to stay away from ex-Giants -- which is a whole different story. These are mostly just players I had previously liked a lot who wound up in L.A. at some point:

  • First base: Eddie Murray
  • Second base: Juan Samuel
  • Shortstop: Alfredo Griffin (sort of ... I wasn't really a fan, but I couldn't come up with another SS)
  • Third base: Bill Madlock
  • Catcher: Dick Dietz
  • Left field: Manny Ramirez (I'd say Rickey Henderson, but he wasn't there long enough)
  • Center field: Jim Eisenreich (OK, I cheated, he didn't actually play center field for the Bums)
  • Right field: Shawn Green
  • Pitcher: Tom Candiotti

There were a bunch of corner outfielders I could have included. I was a big fan of Carl Crawford when he was younger, and I think I was a Frank Robinson fan before he played there, although that tests the edge of my memory. The manager is easy: Davey Johnson.

As a Giants fan, it was a lot easier when they had Steve Garvey playing for them. And hey, Clayton Kershaw and Yasiel Puig aren't bad.

So I'll throw it open for discussion: Who are the players you liked who ended up on the wrong team, forcing you to root against them?

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