Read Stuff, You Should: The Trouble With Data

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Gladys Knight, 70.

The good stuff:

1. Very good item from Nate Silver about working with data, peer review and more, in reponse to questions about Thomas Piketty's numbers.

2. Excellent news: Dan Drezner is blogging again, now at the Washington Post.

3. Sarah Binder has the latest evidence on policy gridlock (it's getting worse).

4. Sam Wang looks at the Senate prediction models, and adds his own. Best point: This far out, any control-of-Senate big number between 20 percent and 80 percent probably should be treated as a tossup, which is what all the models show.

5. One more from John Sides on gerrymandering and fear of shapes.

6. Big (if true) health-care news from Sarah Kliff: Health-care prices are continuing to moderate. For those of us who maintain that the U.S. has a health-care cost problem, not a long-term budget problem, that's very good news. If it holds up.

7. And this one by Arthur Chu is excellent.

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