Read Stuff, You Should: Radical Conservatives

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Happy Birthday to Frank Thomas, 46. One of the very best from the golden age of right-handed hitters.

Another week, another batch of good stuff:

1. Important one from Tom Mann, who insists that we all state the plain truth about asymmetric polarization and what has happened to the Republican Party.

2. With a good follow-up from Julia Azari, who cites several relevant studies and emphasizes some of the difficulties in studying "broken" politics or a "broken" party.

3. With that in mind, I have all sorts of empirical and theoretical problems with this essay, but any conservative who denounces Rousseauian radical "conservatives" is making a positive contribution in my view, so I hope they read Roger Scruton.

4. And they should also read conservative James Pethokoukis on "What conservatives don't understand about the modern U.S. economy."

5. Catherine de Vries asks: "Are European parliamentarians responsive to their voters?" And the answer? Not so much.

6. And Richard Skinner reads Jeb Bush's exquisitely crafted book list. Not that ticket-balancing is a bad thing.

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