Read Stuff, You Should: Primary Day

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Jane Wiedlin, 56. Because you really can’t do better than a Clue/Star Trek IV/Bill and Ted marathon, can you? Well, maybe a Go-Go’s show beats that (be sure to see their latter-day but still first-rate Central Park concert video), but it’s close, no?

Plenty of good stuff on an Election Day:

1. Greg Sargent has been collecting issue positions from “establishment” Republican Senate candidates who, in fact, are indistinguishable from their Tea Party opponents.

2. While Scott Bland makes the smart but overlooked point that safe-seat primaries in the House are extremely important, especially (at least in the short-term) on the Republican side. Then he walks us through them. Essential.

3. Alyssa Rosenberg notes that there’s yet another “Joe Biden” out there.

4. “A generation that hates racism but chooses colorblindness is a generation that, through its neglect, comes to perpetuate it.” Smart words from Jamelle Bouie about “post-racial” young people.

5. L.J. Zigerell doesn’t think Ruth Bader Ginsburg or Steven Breyer will retire because delayed SCOTUS retirements are more common than “hastened” ones. I’m not convinced there’s a real distinction here. At any rate, Justices are now facing a different partisan environment than in the past (with a multi-year blockade in the Senate far more likely).

6. Ross Douthat on Marco Rubio’s path to the White House.

7. Seth Masket is of course completely correct about pretty districts and gerrymandering.

8. I really can’t believe that none of the liberals who have rightly bashed Karl Rove over the past several days – and Kevin Drum has an excellent example – is bringing up the similarly disgraceful smear against Michael Dukakis (over mental health) back in 1988.

9. And I missed this over the weekend, but it’s good: Melinda Henneberger on Elizabeth Drew.

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