Ritholtz's 10 Weekend Reads: Watching Animals Watch Themselves

Here are the reads I've been saving all week for your pleasure.

Good Saturday morning. All week long, I save up my favorite longer-form articles for your weekend reading pleasure:

• The Trade of the Century: When George Soros Broke the British Pound (Priceonomics)
• Why We Fear Google: Mathias Dopfner's Open Letter to Eric Schmidt (Faz)
• New Condo Towers Are Racing Skyward in Midtown Manhattan (Vanity Fair)
• The Rise of Nintendo: A Story in 8 Bits (Grantland)
• Escape From Cuba: Yasiel Puig's Untold Journey to the Dodgers (LA Mag)
• How Much Did Led Zeppelin "Borrow" from other songs? Stairway to Heaven: The Song Remains Pretty Similar (BusinessWeek)
• What Do Animals See in a Mirror? (Nautilus) see also Why Humans Evolved to Love Watching Animals (Aeon)
• Why the Mona Lisa Stands Out (More Intelligent Life)
• What Are the Supreme Court Justices Hiding? (LA Times)
• The Top 10 Global Warming 'Skeptic' Arguments Answered (The Guardian)

What's for brunch?

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