Read Stuff, You Should: Brown, 60 Years Later

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Rick Reuschel, 64. What a fun pitcher to watch, at least during his Giants years. He had reduced motion to minimal effort; full efficiency. A legitimate fringe Hall of Fame candidate, but his strengths were in areas not rewarded by traditional voters.

Preakness weekend. Haven't looked at the form yet, but hard to see anyone beating California Chrome this time. If I get a chance, I'll tweet my selections before the race.
In the meantime, plenty of good stuff:

1. Sarah Binder on counting filibusters.

2. Pundit forecasts: individually worthless, but collectively useful? Brendan Nyhan explains the paradox.

3. Richard Skinner on Supreme Court nominations in a partisan era.

4. While Scott Lemieux looks at asymmetric partisan polarization among the Supremes.

5. School segregation, 60 years after Brown, from Jamelle Bouie.

6. Libby Nelson interviews Michelle Goldberg about the anti-liberal left.

7. More from Kevin Drum on that Fox poll I wrote about yesterday.

8. I agree with pretty much everything Sean Trende says in debunking the idea of a current and automatically increasing Democratic national majority.

9. Noah Smith is fed up with pop economists. Insert your political science joke here.

10. And no one knows why pitchers get hurt. Neil Paine surveys the research.

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