Read Stuff, You Should: Virtuous Robots

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Happy Birthday to Jamie-Lynn Sigler, 33. Sad confession: I wound up watching all of "Entourage," but never watched beyond the first season of "The Sopranos." I'll get to it someday.

On to all the political science (plus one cartoon) version of the good stuff:

1. Must-read from Norm Ornstein on the state of the post-nuclear Senate.

2. Charli Carpenter on combat robots -- and what thinking about them tells us about rape as a weapon of war.

3. "What influence do women wield in African governments?" New research from Leonardo Arriola and Martha Johnson at the Monkey Cage.

4. Josh Huder with a look at the history of involuntary (and semi-voluntary) retirements of speakers of the House.

5. Andrew Hall looks at public financing and finds that it increases party polarization.

6. And from Denmark (via Hasen), the greatest Get-Out-the-Vote ad ever made.

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