Read Stuff, You Should: The Ad That Sways Iowa

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Stevie Wonder, 64.

No shortage of good stuff:

1. John Sides looks at how one ad may be making the difference in the Senate nomination contest in Iowa.

2. In praise of earmarks, from Julian Zelizer.

3. The Rand Paul backlash watch: Ed Kilgore keeps an eye on how mainstream conservatives react to Paul's defection on "war on voting" issues.

4. Matt Yglesias on Tim Geithner versus Glenn Hubbard.

5. "At a minimum it shows that one does not understand one's own arguments." Steve Taylor on Constitution-loving anti-Federalist Tea Partyers.

6. Austin Frakt on how the Affordable Care Act may be good for young people's bottom line. Key point: it's not so much about how wonderful (or not) Obamacare is; it's about how dysfunctional the old system was.

7. And more excellent reporting on the Senate and judges from Jennifer Bendery, this time on the conservative President Barack Obama appointed as part of a deal.

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