Read Stuff, You Should: Fox Takes On Inequality

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Salome Jens, 79. I didn't know she was a recurring character on "Melrose Place" at the same time she was doing "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." I don't watch enough television, I guess.

Meanwhile, there's good stuff:

1. Nice post from Paul Waldman at Plum Line on ideology, Tea Party candidates and the Republican Party.

2. Interesting that "inequality" is now a Fox News subject ... and CNN really is an embarrassment. Nate Silver with the numbers.

3. Colby Itkowitz reports on Republican nomination obstruction, which continues at way beyond record levels.

4. Excellent write-up of minimal changes in the Upshot's Senate projection estimates, from Josh Katz and Amanda Cox. A model of how to talk about incremental changes in these sorts of systems.

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