Ritholtz's 10 Friday Reads: Lots About Jobs

The weekend is nigh!

The weekend is nigh!

  • Payrolls in U.S. Rise Most Since 2012, Unemployment at 6.3% (Bloomberg)
  • As the Fed Tapers Its Treasury Purchases, Other Central Banks Step In (Institutional Investor) see also Treasuries Irresistible to America's Banks Awash in Cash (Bloomberg)
  • Mental Model: Complex Adaptive Systems (Farnam Street)
  • No One Cares About Economic Data Anymore. That's Good News. (NY Times) see also The Jobs Numbers Are Wrong, But Don't Blame Obama's 'Chicago Guys' (FiveThirtyEight)
  • What If the Stock Market Were a Bond? Crossing Wall Street (Crossing Wall Street) see also Efficient Markets and Economists as "Traders" (Pragmatic Capitalism)
  • Why some M.B.A. students are reading Plato and Kant (WSJ)
  • Republicans Don't Love Their Candidates. But They Are Going to Vote for Them. (The Fix) see also Home-grown scandals (Washington Post)
  • 10 Things Highly Intuitive People Do Differently, by Carolyn Gregoire (Daily Good)
  • A Corporate Paean to Frank Lloyd Wright (NY Times)
  • 36 Maps That Will Make You See the World in Completely New Ways (Matador Network)

What are you doing this weekend?

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