Read Stuff, You Should: The Rich Person Vote

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Mary McDonnell, 62. If there's been a better television performance than her Laura Roslin, I can't think of it just now. Although it isn't as if she stood out from a half-dozen other amazing acting jobs on "Battlestar Galactica."

New week, with plenty of good stuff:

1. "Rich people vote more Republican than do lower-income people. But there aren't that many rich voters, so in absolute numbers they are outnumbered by middle-income voters." That's Andrew Gelman on class and the U.S. electorate.

2. Michael McDonald contributes to the debate about Southern white voters.

3. Paul Waldman on the non-ideological, post-policy Tea Party.

4. Great reporting from Sam Stein and Sabrina Siddiqui shows how Democrats are running, and not running, on the Affordable Care Act.

5. it's yesterday's story, and we have a whole new set of bigoted remarks to break down, but Adam Serwer on Cliven Bundy is worth reading.

6. Speaking of yesterday's story ... the Sage of Wasilla is still at it, and Andrew Sullivan is appropriately disgusted.

7. And Dylan Matthews reports on research about academia: Professors, it turns out, work hard. Yeah. I don't miss the meetings. Best finding: Political scientists spend more time on "other" than anyone else.

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