Ritholtz's 10 Thursday Reads: The Rise of Robots

Read these. I dare you.

Read these. I dare you.

• The Ubiquity of "Lost Decades" (Above the Market)
• Insurers are capitalizing on a surge of interest in bonds linked to natural disasters (WSJ)
• The Privatization Backlash (The Atlantic)
• Adam Smith Is Not the Antidote to Thomas Piketty (The Monkey Cage)
• Which Cities Sleep in, and Which Get to Work Early (FiveThirtyEight)
• Why the Lights Have Dimmed on LA's Film Industry (Market Place)
• Amid Rumors of a Buyout and Reports of Cash Crunch, Is Square All Boxed in? (The Verge)
• 10 Breakthrough Technologies in 2014 (MIT Technology Review) see also Five Areas in Robotics that Will Transform Society and Their Economic Impact (Robotenomics)
• Is There a Wonk Bubble? (Politico)
• Louis C.K. Is America's Undisputed King of Comedy (GQ)

What are you reading?

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