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Happy Birthday to Carlos Beltran, 37. Entered the year with more than 2,200 hits. If he can get 150/year through age 40, he'll need just 200 more after that. No sure thing, but I'm not betting against him. He deserves Cooperstown either way; probably isn't quite there yet with the voters, but doesn't necessarily need 3,000 hits to make it.

The good stuff:

1. Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama and the big myth of the presidency, from Norm Ornstein

2. Julia Azari takes a look at patterns in Veepstakes.

3. Ross Douthat on the Republican Senate election problem.

4. Ed Kilgore is correct about fairness, and about Garry Wills.

5. And Shakespearean polling fun from Ariel Edwards-Levy and Emily Swanson.

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