Read Stuff, You Should: Middle-Class Picture

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Kal Penn, 37. Uh-oh; I guess it's time to crown a new funniest movie of the last decade. "Harold and Kumar" is getting old. Anyone have a strong candidate?

And now there are three: Upshot at the New York Times joins Vox and FiveThirtyEight. That's a lot of good stuff:

1. If you missed it, be sure to catch up on the look at the U.S. middle class in comparative perspective by David Leonhardt and Kevin Quealy Essential.

2. Nice Josh Barro item (also in the Upshot) about economics, the recession, and the dangers of relying on iron laws.

3. Don't miss this one from Dan Hopkins: Partisan loyalty tends to set in early.

4. Add that to Lynn Vavreck's item on the small number of true swing voters (because of the large number of party voters).

5. And Bob Dole returns to Kansas; Dan Balz is there with excellent reporting. Dole was a Hall of Fame-level senator, albeit one who (like so many others) will be remembered by most for his presidential campaign failures. Tributes to him now tend to pay a lot of attention to his heroism in World War II, but his greatest patriotic service to his nation was in the Senate.

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