Read Stuff, You Should: Spurious Relationships

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Jack Nicholson, 77.

And plenty of good stuff:

1. Seth Masket explains why no one should take very seriously that graph about Democratic states and pornography. Yes, the words "ecological inference" are used.

2. See also Jordan Ragusa, who finds more fun (but spurious) relationships. In case you didn't get it from those two posts: With all the data out there, all it takes to find a seemingly strong relationship is to test enough things. And there are always more things that can be tested.

3. Julia Azari has a nice post on party factions and the potential symbolic importance of Republican Party rules changes. However, the rules change in question discussed here has absolutely zilch practical, direct, importance when it comes to selecting a nominee.

4. Anna O. Law looks closely at deportation statistics and claims made on all sides of the immigration debate.

5. Good one from Harry Enten on Electoral College bias. He's isn't convinced that the recent Democratic advantage will hold up.

6. Nice look back at George Kennan, realism and bigotry, from Heather Hurlburt.

7. And Andrew Sprung talks to a liberal blogger and practicing doctor about what the Affordable Care Act looks like from his perspective.

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