Ritholtz's 10 Friday Reads: Yahoo, Misery and Roller Coasters

Some reads to keep you busy for the rest of your Friday.

Some reads to keep you busy for the rest of your Friday:

  • Did the Bull Market Happen Without You? Here's Why (MarketWatch)
  • Money Rotates Into Late Cycle Names (All Star Charts) see also Why Stocks Are 43 Percent Too Expensive (Forbes)
  • Active Managers Must Work to Justify Fees (FT)
  • Yuan Depreciation Is Deeper Than You Think (Real Time Economics)
  • The Economist Was a Rock Star (New Republic)
  • Labor Shortage Threatens to Bust the Shale Boom (Bloomberg)
  • Merely Rich and Superrich: The Tax Gap Is Narrowing (NY Times) see also Get Used to It: The Rich Do Get Richer (Fiscal Times)
  • How Can Yahoo Be Worth Less Than Zero? (Bloomberg View)
  • Is Harvard Law professor Cass Sunstein "the most dangerous man in America?" (The Atlantic)
  • The Business of Building Roller Coasters (Priceonomics)

What are you reading?

Declining Misery Index Boosting P/E


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