Ritholtz's 10 Thursday Reads: The Battle for the Cloud

My early Thursday reads.

My early Thursday reads:

  • Secular Stagnation or Secular Boom? (Antonio Fatas)
  • Intentions on Housing (Alhambra Partners)
  • That Pesky Indicator Still Saying U.S. Stocks Are Cheap (Bloomberg) see also Stock Market "Monster Spray"? (High Net World)
  • Five Good Questions with Professor Terry Odean on behavioral economics (Above the Market)
  • Major Study Finds The U.S. Is An Oligarchy (Business Insider) see also Testing Theories of American Politics (Princeton)
  • The Proof Is in the Data: Time to Raise the U.S. Minimum Wage (Term Sheet)
  • Amazon and Google Are in an Epic Battle to Dominate the Cloud -- and Amazon May Already Have Won (Quartz)
  • The Remarkable Transformation of $AAPL (Millennial Invest)
  • Seven Facts About Our Broken Tax System (The Nation)
  • Why It's EDM's Fault Outkast Flopped (EDM)

What's up for the three day weekend?


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