Read Stuff, You Should: Stewart and Colbert

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to David Bradley, 72.

Before the long weekend, plenty of good stuff:

1. Great one from Jonathan Ladd on Stewart versus Colbert. Short version: if you hate the Citizens United decision because you think it allows corruption, you're a progressive; if you hate it because you think it gives rich people more influence, you're a liberal.

2. Larry Bartels: Don't trust ethnicity and demographics to create a majority party. Absolutely right.

3. About that research on Congress and personality I linked to yesterday: Andrew Gellman adds a note of caution on interpreting the findings.

4. Speaking of what LBJ actually did in office, David Garrow reviews two new books about the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

5. Elizabeth McNichol looks at what states are doing, and what they should be doing, about their rainy day funds.

6. Greg Sargent is having fun with the "repeal" follies in Republican primaries.

7. While Ross Douthat asks for standards with which to declare the Affordable Care Act a success.

8. And Harry Enten looks at early polls and presidential approval in the 2014 Senate races.

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