Read Stuff, You Should: Boehner's Future as Speaker

Jonathan Bernstein;s morning links.

Happy Birthday to Sarah Michelle Geller, 37.

The kitchen is just about ready, lots of cooking remaining for tonight, and the local (terrific!) grocery store may or may not have received the horseradish that is supposed to be there this morning. In the meantime, there's always good stuff:

1. A very different perspective on the John Boehner question from Congress scholar Josh Huder. I disagree with him, but anyone who reads me on this should also read him.

2. Henry Farrell on the National Security Agency and Heartbleed.

3. What will the Senate torture report say? What really happened during the Bush administration? Andrew Sullivan continues to keep an eye on it.

4. Dahlia Lithwick on McCutcheon and Stephen Colbert - she's always worth reading even when, as here, I don't particularly agree with her.
5. And Nate Silver looks at Republican rank-and-file positions on immigration and finds a path for Jeb Bush to win on the issue.

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