Read Stuff, You Should: Myths About History

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Happy Birthday to Tricia Helfer, 40.

No shortage of good stuff:

1. Jonathan Cohn on the resignation of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

2. Jim DeMint's claims about slavery and the federal government are no fluke; as Jamelle Bouie explains. They're central to a set of myths about U.S. history.

3. Brian Beutler's insider view of John Boehner's fate is pretty much the same as my outsider view.

4. Yeah, I don't take Angus King's threat to caucus with the Republicans very seriously, either. Josh Marshall explains why it's not much of a bluff.

5. A very good explanation from Harry Enten of why Jeb Bush is a viable presidential candidate despite some flaws.

6. Sean Trende looks at Electoral College bias.

7. I don't really trust these data very much, but for what it's worth the U.S.'s image abroad seems to be holding steady, more or less, and still at much higher levels than it was before 2009. Julie Ray writes up the numbers.

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