Ritholtz's 10 Wednesday Reads: Capital and the Predictive Ability of Twitter

Some morning reads for your enjoyment.

Some morning reads for your enjoyment:

  • The Short Guide to Capital in the 21st Century (Vox)
  • Renewables are hot again: Goldman's Stuart Bernstein says VCs are coming back to clean tech. (WSJ) see also Environmental Defense Fund head says CEOs underestimate the effects of climate change. (WSJ)
  • Investor Sentiment and the Cross-Section of Stock Returns (Journal of Finance)
  • "The Most Important Charts in the World" (Business Insider)
  • Mebane Faber: Own Most-Beaten-Down Stocks (ETF.com) see also Why Investors Should Fear the Return of the Buyback (The Term Sheet)
  • 8 Steps to Launch an Idea, in Just a Few Hours (Inc.)
  • Twitter Is Surprisingly Accurate at Predicting Unemployment (WonkBlog) see also Americans started fewer businesses last year. Here's why that's good news. (Washington Post)
  • Rethinking What We Mean by 'Mobile Web' (Daring Fireball)
  • When Years Are Celebs (More Intelligent Life)
  • Why Uber Is Joining the Race to Dominate Urban Logistics (WonkBlog)

What are you reading?

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