Read Stuff, You Should: What Midterm Advantage?

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Keshia Knight Pulliam, 35.

Wish I could get to even more good stuff:

1. Top turnout maven Michael McDonald with an important reminder: Yes, Republicans have a midterm advantage with the actual voting electorate, but it's not that big.

2. Matt Grossman finds that the vast majority of policy change over the last 70 years has expanded, not contracted, government. That means rejectionism is a rational conservative strategy, he argues. Perhaps. I'd like to see him show that not only is conservative change rare, but that it is inherently rare.

3. Excellent piece about why Rand Paul isn't the Republican front-runner, by Vox's Andrew Prokop.

4. Florence George Graves and E.J. Graff on Anita Hill's legacy.

5. Reid Wilson writes on a new Pew study with some relatively good news about election administration.

6. And great discussion from Andrew Sprung about my Obamacare/ACA hobbyhorse. Everything he says sounds right. He makes the very interesting point that ACA outreach in areas friendly to President Barack Obama may well have been far more explicitly about "Obamacare" than in Kentucky and other Obama-averse places. Note, however, that those Democratic states are exactly where state exchanges, with yet another remove from Obamacare, ACA and even, are found. I agree. Whatever the percentage of ACA enrollees who know it's Obamacare might be, we've just passed peak awareness. It only goes down from here.

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