Read Stuff, You Should: Bad Incentives for Reporters

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Emma Caulfield, 41.

Getting to the good stuff:

1. Seth Masket on incentives for political reporters -- and how things may be changing.

2. Ed Kilgore spots what Republicans have as a back-up plan if denying there has been a decline in the number of uninsured becomes untenable. Back-up plan for rhetoric, that is. No evidence of a back-up plan for policy.

3. Philip Klein gets it right on Affordable Care Act costs: "The fairest formulation on this matter is to say that expanding insurance coverage through Obamacare will cost $2 trillion over the next decade, according to the CBO, which is more than offset by a combination of tax increases and cuts to projected spending (with most cuts coming from Medicare)." But wait - the CBO hasn't recalculated budget effects of health care reform since 2012? Someone should ask them for an update.

4. While Sarah Kliff profiles ACA data collector Charles Gaba.

5. And Brian Beutler, now at The New Republic, writes on the Brendan Eich case.

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