Read Stuff, You Should: Shifting Obamcare Politics

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links

Happy Birthday to Casey Biggs, 59. Damar has to be one of the slowest-developing great characters on TV, no?

Here's the good stuff:

1. Greg Sargent notices that a few House Republicans are willing to make small fixes in Obamacare; another early sign of the return of health care as a normal issue.

2. Lisa Aliferis looks at the folks who enrolled but haven't paid premiums.

3. "A Tale of Two Siblings, the ACA, and the Supreme Court," from Drew Altman.

4. Jamelle Bouie on Richard Sherman, DeSean Jackson and neighborhood.

5. Josh Huder looks at how the Supreme Court's campaign-finance decision might play out within the House Republican conference.

6. And Amy Walter with a good look at Rand Paul's limitations as a presidential candidate.

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