Read Stuff You Should: Supreme Disruption

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Happy Birthday to Cobie Smulders, 32. Hey, it wasn't her fault.

Getting right to the good stuff:

  1. Sam Baker on magic numbers in evaluating Affordable Care Act implementation.
  2. Jonathan Chait is right about Bradley Cooper, and right about 7 million.
  3. I don't agree with all of it, but Nate Persily's take on the Supreme Court's campaign-finance decision makes good points.
  4. "Donation caps are notoriously bad at limiting the involvement of wealthy people in elections." That's Seth Masket, with similarly sensible thoughts about McCutcheon.
  5. I should link to at least one full-out McCutcheon basher. Here's Rick Hasen.
  6. By the way, when something like this happens, the place to go both for commentary and links is Hasen's Election Law Blog. Essential.
  7. And Michelle Goldberg on the illiberal left.

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