Read Stuff, You Should: Obamacare Endures

Happy Birthday to Keren Jane Woodward, 53. My apologies to Twitter followers for off-topic tweeting yesterday, but it does raise the question of Bananarama's best song. Robert DeNiro's Waiting? Venus? Cruel Summer?

The good stuff:

1. Charlie Cook on the coming (possible) Senate yo-yo.

2. Good review from Megan McArdle of the remaining questions about the ACA signup data. We'll know a lot more after next year's rates are set, although she's right that insurers will be at least partially in the dark.

3. No, the ACA isn't going to implode; Ramesh Ponnuru tries to get conservatives to face facts.

4. "Any policies being advanced by the GOP will have to grapple with what to do with the millions of Americans gaining coverage through Obamacare." That's Philip Klein, still beating the drums for a Republican alternative.

5. Early signs? Greg Sargent spots a Republican ad that calls only for a replacement for Obamacare, not repeal.

6. Excellent post on gaffes and Senate races, from Nate Silver

7. And I'm not big on arguments based on accusations of hypocrisy, but it might be relevant in the Hobby Lobby case. Molly Redden reports.

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