Read Stuff, You Should: Rhetoric of Poverty

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Happy Birthday to Ewan McGregor, 43. You don't want to sell me death sticks. Don't say that Lucas got everything wrong in the prequels.

Some of what you'll read soon will be April Fools' items, but here it's only the good stuff:

1. Ta-Nehesi Coates. Always so smart.

2. Charles Gaba has emerged as the wizard of Affordable Care Act sign-up statistics. Here's his latest graph as we hit the (sort of) end of open enrollment. By the way, whatever the actual numbers (and the proof will be in the pudding when we see what happens to next year's premiums), I've been seeing a Republican talking point recently about how few of the uninsured are newly covered, aiming to prove that Obamacare is a bust even if the claimed numbers are for real. To some extent that's from lowballing the numbers (see graph), but regardless: the plan was never to get everyone covered in year one.

3. Speaking of next year's premiums, Kevin Drum reminds us that the question isn't whether they will go up; the question is whether they will go up more than usual.

4. David Wiltse writes on "How to Report the Invisible Primary" -- and praises the reporters who get it right.

5. And Abby Rapoport takes a quick look at Twitter genius George Takei.

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