Read Stuff, You Should: Republican Congress

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links. 

Happy Birthday to Gary Alexander, 61. The second-best March 27 Giants catcher, but I'm not repeating from year to year and already took care of the one with the MVP and the rings.

Which brings us to the good stuff:

1. Norm Ornstein thinks about what a Republican Congress would be like in 2015-2016.

2. Was the Ukraine conflict just a diversion from Putin's troubles at home? Kimberly Marten considers it.

3. Jared Bernstein on fiscal policy from where we are now.

4. Fascinating story of how states are fighting back against food stamps cuts, from Reid Wilson.

5. How should Year 1 of the exchanges be evaluated? Dylan Scott has some solid suggestions.

6. Jaime Fuller collects ACA explainers.

7. And a nice profile of the Georgia Republican Senate primary, from Benjy Sarlin.

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