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Happy Birthday to Leonard Nimoy, 83. I like his Columbo episode.

The good stuff:

1. Jonathan Ladd contributes to the Ginsburg/Breyer non-retirement discussion.

2. Richard Skinner piles on, joining the critique of the Bob Strauss party era.

3. Francis Wilkinson asks whether the Koch brothers are "Republicans or Just Kochs?" and what that means for campaign finance laws.

4. Sarah Posner reports on Hobby Lobby at the Supreme Court.

5. While Philip Klein covered the other ACA case argued yesterday.

6. Greg Sargent notices that anti-Obamacare ads have backed off the personal sob stories after a series of testimonials were found factually Not All That. We'll see if the trend lasts.

7. Paul Krugman on the American Way...of high taxation. I don't know the history of comparative taxation, but it's certainly the case that government intervention in the economy has long been the American way. It's not much of a stretch to say that everyone has their fairy tales of U.S. history.

8. And Danny Vinik compares reactions to Nate Silver.

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