Read Stuff, You Should: Presidential Boredom

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Happy Birthday to Lois Lowry, 77.

Time for the good stuff?

1. Elaine Kamarck introduces a new Brookings project studying primary elections, and looks at primaries so far this year. Much needed.

2. Yes, President Barack Obama's approval ratings have been remarkably steady for some time now, as Kevin Drum points out. I don't think it's due to (as some people say) intense partisanship locking in a small range. Alternate theory: it's been a boring three or four years, with the economy in perpetual not-quite-there, nothing in national security for most people to care about, no scandals worth mentioning, and on and on. Get an economic boom or a new recession, and those approval ratings will start moving again. Side point: If 2013 was really Obama's annus horribilis, it was the probably the mildest one for any president since Ike.

3. Why are most Asian Americans Democrats? Andrew Gelman looks into it.

4. Andrew Sprung reports on "The Satisfied Unsubsidized."

5. And Stan Collender sees signs that House Republicans will join Senate Democrats in not bothering with a budget resolution this year.

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