Read Stuff, You Should: More Flawed Anti-Obamacare Ads

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Happy Birthday to Salomon Torres, 42. The goat in The Last Pennant Race, and then a terrific out-of-nowhere comeback. I was a big fan.

Ready for some good stuff?

1. Philip Klein discusses the Gallup insurance numbers.

2. Remember that Michigan ad with a phony Obamacare horror story? Marisa Schultz has an update; turns out that the woman featured in the testimonial who denounces Obamacare as "unaffordable" will do better than under her old plan.

3. Andrew Sullivan makes the case for Barack Obama, economic success.

4. Catherine Rampell kicks off her new Washington Post column with a nice one about grades, majors, and college men and women.

5. Are Chuck Schumer and Lamar Alexander going to fix the Senate? Ed O'Keefe and Paul Kane say that they're trying. At issue is whether the chamber can go back to actually considering substantive amendments on legislation. Would be nice.

6. And Joshua Green is correct that the "won't vote for" polling results don't necessarily predict whether people will vote for a particular politician. I wouldn't ignore it (in part because party actors won't ignore it), but I wouldn't take it literally, either.

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