Read Stuff, You Should: Rand Paul and the Hawks

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Happy Birthday to Jasmine Guy, 52. A little help, please: Should I go back and watch "Dead Like Me"?

Best cure for your time-change jet lag is the good stuff:

1. Andrew Sprung dives deep into the numbers on the Affordable Care Act.

2. Dave Weigel on what happens when Rand Paul's young supporters meet the Cold War revivalists.

3. Matthew Dickinson looks back on what the press got wrong in 2012.

4. I'll say it again: The Monkey Cage stuff on Ukraine is outstanding. I'm only linking to a small percentage, but it's an amazing resource. For today: Marlene Laruelle and Sean Roberts look at the implications for central Asia.

5. And Jared Bernstein on the limits of the Congressional Budget Office, and how the CBO should deal with those limits.

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