Read Stuff, You Should: Southern Primary?

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Jonathan Del Acro, 48.

Quickly to the good stuff:

1. It's just amazing what a wonderful service The Monkey Cage has provided during this Ukraine story. Kudos to the gang over there, to all the guest authors, and for the Washington Post for hosting them. I don't know what awards there are for this sort of thing, but they should collect 'em all. Here's Helena Yakovlev-Golani and Nadiya Kravets arguing that Russia would be better off if Crimea remains part of Ukraine.

2. Josh Putnam looks at the possibility of a Southern primary in 2016, and the incentives facing states that consider such regional Super Days.

3. Liberals and conservatives? It's a lot more complex than the Gallup numbers would have you believe. John Sides explains.

4. Jonathan Chait is as good as one would expect on Paul Ryan's "a full stomach — and an empty soul." What would Ryan and other Republicans have said if a Democrat had implied that souls are government-dependent? It's really lazy sloganeering.

5. Ross Douthat on persecution.

6. And I wish Megan McArdle had touched on government transparency in her nice rant against the automatic assumption that transparency is always a good thing.

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