Read Stuff, You Should: Not-So-Popular Tax Breaks

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Cookie Rojas, 75.

Plenty of good stuff:

1. I'm not really sure it has any practical importance, but Christopher Faricy and Christopher Ellis find that popular tax breaks are much less appealing to Democrats and independents if they're described as mostly helping rich folks.

2. Good catch from Drew DeSilver: Anti-incumbent feelings expressed in polling don't translate into anti-incumbent behavior in the voting booth. Ignore those polls!

3. The Affordable Care Act is costing less than expected. Adrianna McIntyre has the key chart.

4. Why the Senate should be ashamed of itself; Dahlia Lithwick on the Debo Adegbile vote.

5. Greg Sargent on Paul Ryan's party.

6. Brian Beutler points out that Ryan's strategy of attacking Democrats for Medicare cuts that Republicans support may be close to the end of its useful lifespan. I suppose they can always attack Democrats for failing to support deficit reduction plans that Republicans oppose.

7. And Dan Larison on Syria and Ukraine.

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