Read Stuff, You Should: Russia's Failure

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Happy Birthday to Dean Stockwell, 78. Was its stunt casting to put him (and Lucy Lawless, for that matter) in "Battlestar Galactica"? I suppose it doesn't matter. In both cases, it worked extremely well.

How about some good stuff?

1. "The reset's failure is Russia's problem, not Washington's." Dan Nexon on Ukraine, Vladimir Putin, and the Obama administration.

2. Kimberly Marten looks at what sanctions against Russia might accomplish.

3. Ross Douthat has five points about Ukraine and Putin. Some very sensible stuff, but he should have asked himself one question: Even if it's true that "resolve" matters more than international relations scholars think, and supposing that President Barack Obama had successfully cultivated a reputation for resolve, how would that have changed anything in this particular situation?

4. Brendan Nyhan is generally an optimist about journalism and political science.

5. Paul Waldman, however, is a pessimist. For reporters on the campaign trail, "there are strong incentives to portray everything as consequential."

6. I mostly liked Scott Bland's piece on politicians leaving the House for lower offices, but I think he's wrong about Tim Griffin, who is stepping down to run for lieutenant governor of Arkansas. That kind of move is generally thought to be a step up, not a step down. Still, any article that talks about Gordon Humphrey will be high on my list.

7. And Kevin Drum on "Bizarro Obama."

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