Read Stuff, You Should: Ukraine and the U.S.

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Tone Loc, 48. Not just for his excellent appearances on News Radio, either. A true two-hit wonder.

For a little perspective on the latest crisis, here's plenty of good stuff:

1. Robert Farley on Ukraine: "The US is big and important, but stuff happens in the world that doesn't have much to do with the attitudes or behavior of the United States."

2. Fred Kaplan on Ukraine: "Ukraine is not West Berlin."

3. Dan Nexon on Ukraine: "There's no obvious counterfactual set of Obama policies that would better position the United States to handle Russia's gambit in Ukraine."

4. Erik Voeten on Ukraine: "[I]nternational institutions may well play a crucial role in containing the conflict and bringing about an eventual peace agreement."

5. Kimberly Marten on Ukraine (from way back on Saturday, and a bit dated therefore, but I think still useful): "Abkhazia is not Crimea."

6. And definitely don't miss Jeffrey Goldberg's interview with Barack Obama, covering Israel and foreign affairs in general.

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