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Happy Birthday to Greg Germann, 56. Because of Ned and Stacey, obviously.

Which won't keep us from the good stuff:

1. Jennifer Bendery with a good update of what's happening with judicial nominations.

2. More on hypocrisy and leaks from Henry Farrell.

3. Darren Schreiber on one reason parties are so ubiquitous in democracies: They form so easily.

4. All that experience leaving the House, catalogued and totaled by Drew Desilver.

5. I really agree with Kevin Drum on one point here: There's absolutely no reason to have fewer tax brackets. Lower tax rates? Yes, there's a reason for that. But fewer brackets? Nope.

6. "A workable peace accord must be written so as to avoid direct denial of either side's narrative. But it cannot be conditioned on an agreed-upon account of the past." Gershom Gorenberg on contested history and Israeli-Palestinian peace.

7. And Noah Berlatsky joins me in arguing that kids deserve the vote.

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