Read Stuff, You Should: Budget Futility

Jonathan Bernstein's morning links

Happy Birthday to Dominic Chianese, 83. Apart from the immortal Johnny Ola, and other famous roles, he was also in "All the President's Men."

New week, new batch of good stuff:

1. Stan Collender says that the president's budget has become a waste of time.

2. Does the world seem to be going a little crazy just now? Jay Ulfelder brings some perspective.

3. Jennifer Victor notes that lobbying seems to be a declining industry (or at least that it has passed its peak), and suggests why that might be.

4. Ignore those polls! Brendan Nyhan on too-early 2016 polling.

5. Rhetoric, policy, and the differences between Democratic and Republican presidents, from Julia Azari.

6. And Alyssa Rosenberg on how conservatives can develop better celebrities.

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