Read Stuff, You Should: Ukraine on Fire

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Happy Birthday to Joel Hodgson, 54.

Even Tom Servo would like the good stuff:

1. Joshua Tucker: "What you need to know about Ukraine." Distilled from recent Monkey Cage posts.

2. Meanwhile, still going on yesterday: Nicholas Kristof takes to Twitter to further bait political scientists; they respond by mocking - and trying to educate - him.

3. I've been very, very, skeptical that the House would make any forward progress on tax reform during this Congress (and, generally, that House Republicans are capable of or interested in doing real policy work). So I definitely need to give kudos to Ways and Means Chair Dave Camp, who apparently has, in fact, moved ahead. Emma Dumain reports.

4. House retirements in this cycle are...average. Nathan Gonzales looks at the numbers.

5. Some good points on race and justice in the U.S. from Jamelle Bouie.

6. And Dan Larison on Ukraine and the U.S.

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