Read Stuff, You Should: Foreign Policy Hypocrisy

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Happy Birthday to Gwen Taylor, 75. "Blessed are the cheesemakers." She played the wife of Big Nose; not clear whether she was a Samaritan. Also showed up in the "Ruttles" show, and a Ripping Yarns. And a "Yes, Prime Minister."

I'm getting distracted by all that -- back to the good stuff:

1. "Can we finally consign the term 'enhanced interrogation' to the ash-heap of history?" Andrew Sullivan, as usual nailing it on torture.

2. Philip Klein on the gap between CBO's projections and Barack Obama's claims on the minimum wage.

3. While Jared Bernstein argues that given CBO's numbers, going to $10.10 still makes plenty of sense.

4. Good update on judicial and executive branch nominations in the Senate, from Niels Lesniewski. Remember, the filibuster hasn't been eliminated; it has been changed so that a simple majority can defeat it. But the minority still can stall, and Republicans have continued filibustering every nomination (and in many cases, using every stalling technique available to them).

5. Zachary Goldfarb on Obama and poverty.

6. And Michael Cohen argues with Henry Farrell and Martha Finnemore over U.S. foreign policy hypocrisy. I think Farrell and Finnemore have the stronger argument overall, but I'm not convinced by their predictions about the future demise of hypocrisy following the various revelations of the last few years. I think they underestimate the propensity of governments to contract amnesia when it's in their interest, and the extent to which they can still get away with it.

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