Read Stuff, You Should: Clarence Thomas and His Critics

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Happy Birthday to Enrico Colantoni, 51. I like him mainly because of a show called "Hope and Gloria," which wasn't all that good, but I'm a big Cynthia Stevenson fan. Alan Thicke was good in it, too. Should I watch Veronica Mars? I had skipped it so thoroughly I didn't even know he was on it; is it worth going back and picking it up?

Back to normal good stuff:

1. More on polarization: some speculation about what comes next. From Christopher Hare, Keith Poole, and Howard Rosenthal.

2. Good points from Scott Lemieux about Clarence Thomas and his liberal critics.

3. That Senate cloture vote on the debt limit bill really was odd. Niels Lesniewski on one of the details: the turned-off microphone. General question that someone reading might know: does the House not allow C-SPAN to take pictures of the board with Member votes, or has C-SPAN just never chosen to do it?

4. Doc Hastings is retiring; the Newt Class of 1994 is really dwindling now, as Alex Roarty reports.

5. Why does Rand Paul get so much attention? I agree with Kevin Drum that Paul is an implausible presidential nominee, but I suspect that his status as a candidate who is unlikely to win may be why people pay attention to him.

6. More from Sarah Kliff on the ACA numbers.

7. And Jonathan Chait goes apoplectic over Karl Rove.

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