Samsung Isn't Playing Games

Samsung, the South Korean conglomerate, has already vanquished one storied Japanese company. It's about to wipe out another.

It's hard to think of a better symbol of South Korea's arrival as a developed country than the rise of Samsung Electronics Co. With a market value of almost $200 billion -- about 55 times as much as it was worth two decades ago -- the company now makes a quarter of the world's televisions and a third of its smartphones. Samsung's rise has gone hand in hand with the decline of storied competitors such as Sony Corp., which has just forecast an annual loss of $1.1 billion, and Nokia Oyj, which recently agreed to sell most of its handset unit to Microsoft Corp. It now seems that Samsung is going after another famous Japanese brand: Nintendo Co., the beleaguered videogame-maker with a market value less than a tenth of Samsung's.

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