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Happy Birthday to Hank Aaron, 80. It's not his fault that Bud Selig is a jerk; Aaron continues to be a class act. Oh, and, really, can't we get David Aardsma to change his name? Would he really mind if his official baseball name was, say, Ahrdsma? It was just so much cooler for Hammerin' Hank to be first in alphabetical order.

Lots of good stuff to get to:

1. Want to know more about yesterday's CBO report and the ACA? Start with Jonathan Cohn, who explains the difference between 2 million fewer people in the workforce and 2 million fewer jobs.

2. Then go to Sarah Kliff's detailed look at "the good, the bad, and the ugly" in the CBO report.

3. Don't miss Philip Klein's summary of what the CBO said.

4. And Josh Barro on the job market and health care reform.

5. On immigration, Greg Sargent is absolutely right about this:

The bottom line is that Republicans will have to get opponents angry at some point if reform is to happen, and decide instead to throw their lot in with GOP-aligned constituencies like the business community, evangelicals, agricultural interests, and tech interests. The decision whether to risk that wrath will be made by House Republicans. They may decide not to go through with it. But Mitch McConnell is largely irrelevant to that process, which is to say, the process that will determine if reform lives or dies.

6. Brad Plumer explains what's in the farm bill.

7. Yes, Republican leaders in the House and Senate really should be trying to eliminate the debt limit, as Danny Vinik says.

8. And this should be very interesting: Megan McArdle is auditing a class on policy disasters taught by excellent political scientist Steve Teles. Auditing...and blogging. First installment includes an interview with the prof.

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