Davidson on Sports: White Pulls Out, Sherman's Crystal Ball

Kavitha A. Davidson is a former Bloomberg View columnist.
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Here's what you missed last night in sports:

Tomato on Hold
Shaun White has pulled out of the slopestyle event in Sochi to focus on making history in the halfpipe. Do aging stars in extreme sports need to know when to quit?

That Explains It
The Seattle Seahawks knew the Denver Broncos' routesin the Super Bowl, Richard Sherman says.

Scout 'Em Out
Get ready for the craziest day in football with this handy Signing Day primer.

Rockets Unite
Roger Clemens and Tracy McGrady areteaming up to bring the former National Basketball Association star to the pitcher's mound.

Back West?
Is football headed back to Los Angeles? Relocating the St. Louis Rams to California might make a lot of financial sense.

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