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Happy Birthday to Maura Tierney, 49. Suggestion for watching the final NewsRadio season: Lisa never actually sobered up. All season. Also, Bill's death drove Dave off the edge, and he's actually insane the whole season. Not saying that you should all run out and watch it; it's still good TV, but it's no longer in the running for best sitcom ever. But if you are watching it, I've found those hints help quite a bit. Also, "Scotland, Pa." is quite fun.

Post-Super Bowl good stuff:

1. Okay, I'm willing to give "Borgen" a try (Stephen Benedict Dyson makes the case for it), but I'm more than a little skeptical that it can beat "Yes, Minister" for the "best TV show about politics ever" title.

2. Ben Highton looks at the Republican advantage in the Senate.

3. What's with the federal budget deficit these days? Jared Bernstein has a full summary of the situation.

4. How is health care changing? Stephanie McCrummen reports from one clinic in Kentucky. It's too early to know whether change will be good or bad, but either way change is definitely underway.

5. Nice from Byron York: how House Republicans suddenly noticed that most Americans aren't entrepreneurs.

6. Andrew Sprung on Bette in Spokane.

7. And a must-read from Jonathan Cohn on Henry Waxman.

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