Read Stuff, You Should

Bernstein's morning links.

Happy Birthday to Tommy Ramone, 62.

And the good stuff:

1. Greg Koger on responding to the SOTU -- and what it reveals about political parties.

2. Lilliana Mason: "Party polarization is making us more prejudiced."

3. Danny Vinik argues that the shift among some Republicans to actually start doing policy again is real. I hope that's true; we'll see.

4. While Greg Sargent looks at the polling and sees plenty of room for Barack Obama to aggressively move his agenda, including by executive order, given the record of Republican obstruction.

5. "Christie is playing something more like Weirdball. Excessive-and-unnecessary-and-probably-pointless-ball." Francis Wilkinson on the New Jersey governor, with an important point: the current scandals are only going to make it more likely that older stories are dug up, and examined in a negative light.

6. And Randy Balko on the war on drugs.

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