Read Stuff, You Should: Republicans on Health Care

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Happy Birthday to John Beck, 71.

On to the good stuff:

1. Robert Greenstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities gives his thumbs up to the farm bill compromise.

2. Lots of information about a new health care initiative from three Republican Senators. Sarah Kliff has a comprehensive look at what's in it and what it might do.

3. From the conservative side, Philip Klein assesses the bill - and how it's limited by Republican anti-Obamacare rhetoric.

4. While Matt Yglesias argues that it's really another sign that the Affordable Care Act is not going anywhere.

5. Taking shots at Dinesh D'Souza is easy, but Jamelle Bouie goes beyond the obvious to make several very smart points about D'Souza and conservatives.

6. See also Ben Adler on Republicans as spammers. I'd really like to see a systematic look at whether the parties really do differ on this kind of thing. I believe it's true, but I don't really know enough about what analogous Democrats do. Has anyone examined it?

7. Longtime Romney-watcher David S. Bernstein (yes, my brother the reporter) watches "Mitt."

8. And I usually only include stuff that I've read (okay, sometimes it's something I've skimmed, or a longer piece I've only just started). But I almost never listen to podcasts or watch the video equivalent of them. Still, I have to pass along that Heather Hurlburt and Dan Drezner are premiering a new regular Bloggingheads series; they're both terrific, and if you like taking in your news that way, you really can't do better on foreign affairs and national security than the two of them.

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