Read Stuff, You Should: The Gerrymander

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Happy Birthday to James Cromwell, 74.

Start the week with good stuff:

1. People really, really, really want gerrymandering to be important. It really isn't. It's not irrelevant, but it's just not that big a deal. The latest evidence, from Jowei Chen and Jonathan Rodden.

2. Andrew Sprung wonders what Republicans would actually do on health care if they get unified Republican government after 2016.

3. Which produces a detailed answer from Don Taylor.

4. Meanwhile, Philip Klein has a manifesto for limited-government conservatives.

5. Elizabeth Nugent on the consequences of suppressing the Muslim Brotherhood.

6. The dangers of the Republicans' 2016 schedule, from Josh Kraushaar.

7. And an important caveat from Josh Putnam: just because the RNC wants a schedule, don't assume they'll get that schedule. There's a lot more uncertainty, both about what the calendar will be and the effects, than some realize.

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