Read Stuff, You Should: Voting More (or Less)

Jonathan Bernstein's morning political links.

Happy Birthday to Jools Holland, 56.

Is it the weekend yet? You'll be needing some good stuff:

1. More on Bauer-Ginsberg: one of the political scientists involved, Barry Burden, talks about how the commission made good use of what political scientists know about elections.

2. We've heard a lot from liberals (and from political scientists) about the commission; we've heard a lot less from Republicans. Here's one preliminary response, from the Republican National Lawyers Association.

3. Obama listener Andrew Sprung on the president's negotiation style. Very interesting.

4. Reasonable defense of Barack Obama's procedures regarding Afghanistan, from surge opponent Conor Friedersdorf.

5. More from Sean Trende on Senate elections this year.

6. The best response to Mike Huckabee is from Ann Friedman: the unsexy pie.

7. And Jaime Fuller on the long history of writing about the 2016 cycle, and writing about how one shouldn't be writing about the 2016 cycle, and how it's actually okay to be writing about the 2016 get the picture.

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