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Happy Birthday to Alan Embree, 44.

I'm not sure exactly why, but ever since I've moved over here I just find more and more good stuff:

1. Nate Persily, who ran the show for the Bauer-Ginsberg Commission, explains what we can do to make voting easier.

2. Jeffrey Toobin makes the key point on the voting commission: the real question here is whether Republicans want voting to be easier or harder.

3. I missed this excellent op-ed from Norm Ornstein earlier this week on the Canning case and recess appointments.

4. Ta-Nehisi Coates on Ukraine.

5. Matt Yglesias reads Hans Noel's important new book on ideology and political parties and concludes that Republican moderation is a pipe dream.

6. Interesting one on 2014 Senate races from Sean Trende, who argues that pundits aren't adjusting enough for Barack Obama's year-long slide in approval.

7. Sarah Kliff: "it's complicated." This time, it's on Target dropping health coverage for part time workers and pushing them to the exchanges (and government subsidies). One question she doesn't answer which I wonder about: what was in those dropped plans? Were they any good? All else equal, would those party-time workers prefer those plans to what they'll be looking at in the exchanges?

8. Ben Terris on the map of Alaska - and how Mark Begich wants to make sure no one forgets it.

9. And "Let's Make 2016 Pollster Speculation Better By Using These Shorthand Symbols In Headlines." Fun, from Jason Linkins and Ariel Edwards-Levy.

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